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Sisterly Bond (12-17 g)

Unit 1: {The Relationship}

Love and Bond


Some of us have been privileged enough to have sisters who double up as our best friends. They are not only loyal and trustworthy but also bound to you by blood. From a young age, we played together, plaited each other’s hair, broke some rules together and even fought one another. Although all these memories are distinctive and useful in cultivating a strong and unbreakable bond, sisters can always drift apart especially after they grow older, but they’ll always stay close to our hearts.

That said, sisters are indeed significant in one another’s life, and whether they’re best friends or not, there is love and bond that can be built just by showing the following acts of kindness.


Facilitator: Expound on the love and bond that can be built in the relationship. Share a story about the love between you and your sister or use a commonly know sister pair that your group can relate to.



Unit 2: {What Can Make the Relationship Stronger}

Having meaningful communication


Take your time to call your sister(s) often to get to know how they are doing. Being genuinely concerned with them will only show how much you love them, or at least your willingness to try. If there is ever a disagreement, discuss the matter amicably while respecting each other’s point of view. You will realize that it is easier to iron out your differences when you communicate instead of being stubborn.


1). What is your definition of having a great sisterly relationship?


2). On a scale from one to 10 how would you rate your relationship with your sister?


3). What could you do to make the relationship better?




Unit 3 : {A Sense of Loyalty}

Have your sisters back


If a betrayal from a close friend hurts so much, then it would be unbearable when it comes from your sister. You should always have their back and respect each other’s feelings and space. Keep their secrets and stand up for them if need be.



Facilitator: Use a few scenarios to illustrate to your group how sisters should hold one another accountable and how to have one another’s back without having to sacrifice their personal integrity.


Facilitator: Engage your group in an open forum discussion to see what their thoughts are about the topic above.



Unit 4 : {Whats Love Got To Do With It}

Start here start now



The truth is, some of us might not have strong ties from a young age, but there is hope of finding a great deal of happiness in your sister and growing a strong bond. You may indeed love your sister, but you do nothing to show it. Tell them that you care for them and show them by spending time with them. Do not shy away from doing unique things for them because they will always cherish such moments.


Facilitator: Someone in your group may not have the best relationship with their sister. This could be for many reasons. Encourage your group by letting them know that life brings unfortunate situations that we cant avoid or control. Let them know that they are doing a good job by making continued strides that will ultimately lead to a successful sisterly bond.


4). What are your sisters likes and dislikes?


5). Would you rather see your sister happy or sad?



Unit 5 : Be Considerate

Understand and be understood


At times you may find yourself judging your sister or blaming them for something they did or said. You find it hard to understand the reason behind such actions, but this is no excuse for you to lash out. There is no room for judging when you are working on building a stronger bond with your sister.


Facilitator: The reality is we’ve all made bad decisions at some point in our life. Regardless of how sorrowful and apologetic we are others still judged us and couldn’t seem to accept our deepest regrets. Explain to your group how and action like that would make you feel and how you would handle the situation.


6). What wrong decisions have you made and how did that make you feel?


7). How can you be a better support to your sister when she makes bad decisions?



Unit 6 : {Care More Than You Should}

A heartfelt bond


Perhaps your sister was turning twenty-three years yesterday, and you failed to call and wish her a happy birthday. Although she might forgive you, go out of your way to make up to her. She will probably appreciate you more after you take the effort to make her happy, even though it puts you in a less comfortable position.


8). How do you show that you love and care for your sister?


9). Have you ever asked your sister if she ever felt the love that you have for her? If not ask her now.


Facilitator: Elaborate on what it means to be heartfelt.



Unit 7 : {Be Best Friends}

We’re Besties


You have everything to gain if your sister doubles up as your friend. Alongside them, you learn the meaning of friendship, how to deal with the ups and downs of life. You will have so much fun with your sister this way other than being with them just because there is a family meeting.



Unit 8 : {Be Patient With Your Sister}

True Virtue


You might have already tried a few methods to improve your relationship with your sister with little success. The secret to getting there is being patient and keep on trying. Mend the broken pieces one by one until you build a long-lasting bond with them.


Facilitator: Define patience the benefit of it and how to apply it to the relationship.

Facilitator: Patience- the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset  


Unit 9 : {The Take Away}

A life long impression


The sisterly bond may be the longest relationship of your life, and the one that gives you as much grief as pleasure. Sisters fight over a lot of things, but those who have built strong bonds will cross the ends of the earth for one another. However, those who have bulit strong bonds will cross the ends of the earth for one another and leave and imprint of how the relationship should be for many generations to model.



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