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Hygienic Habits (12-17 g)

Unit 1 : {Hygienic Habits For Girls}

So Fresh and so clean


Maintaining good hygiene is necessary for many reasons. Not only will you look better but you will also feel good and confident. Many of times, it can be difficult to keep a good hygiene. This is especially to young girls who are in adolescent stages. Your bodies tend to develop changes resulting in many things as hygiene is concerned. Nonetheless, with proper measures and having good daily hygiene habits, nothing can go wrong. Here are some of the trends to follow.

Facilitator: Elaborate on the topic above. Explain to your group that this is nothing to be embarrassed about and that all girls and women go through bodily changes.


Unit 2 : {Take care of your Hair}

Shampoo your hair

This depends on the type of hair an individual has. There are those that are dry, oily, straight, and many more. Choose a shampoo product that matches your hair type. Be sure about your choice and at least wash your hair twice a week. Frequent washing may not be safe as your hair might dry and break off.


Facilitator: Elaborate on the topic above. Let your group know that the moment they step out of the house to catch a fresh breeze, go one a walk or work out their hair collects small particles of dust and dirt from the wind. This leaves your scalp and hair oily, sweaty and matted down. These are just a few reasons that you should shampoo you hair often.


1). How often do you shampoo your hair?


Facilitator:  Because you spend a lot of time cooling in the sun it is important to check your hair for little bugs or flies. You never know what might be feeding on hair spray. Okay, lets move on…



Unit 3 : {Brush and Floss}

Pearly Whites

Oral hygiene is very important especially at this age. Brushing your teeth on a daily basis and twice can be ideal. Besides, flossing can be very soothing and is also another thing you should not forget to do. Both these hygiene habits are good to prevent tooth decay and bad breath.


Facilitator: Explain to your group the importance of brushing and maintaining good oral habits. Point out how painful tooth aches and cavities can be. You should also mention that failure to take care of your teeth at an early age could result in them having to be filled or pulled which can be very painful. Encourage them to take care of their teeth to avoid dentistry later.


2). How often do you brush your teeth?


3). Are you confident when you communicate with people?


4). Do you use mouthwash and are you flossing at least twice a day?




Unit 4 : {Shower Daily/Bath}

Feel fresh feel clean


As a teenager, showering frequently must be a priority. This is the right way to prevent bacteria from feeding on your body cells and sweats. Most of the time, it is what causes body odor and even skin diseases denying you that relaxing feeling. Ensure that you bathe every day and if possible twice a day. A mild soap is commendable as it is skin friendly, unwinding and good for removing the day’s dirt.


Facilitator: Discuss with your group the essentials of showering and bathing. Point out that the daily activities of sports, exercising and work demands water and soap on everyday. Showering keeps you clean and prevents you from offending others.


5). Do you shower everyday?


6). Do you have the products to shower with?



Unit 4 : Finger Nails and Hand Care

Hands and feet

Not only will the fingernails require care, but also your toenails. Ensure that you wash your nails thoroughly and clean them using an under nail scrapper. The jagged edges can be avoided by trimming with a nail clipper. You can shape them and paint them to enhance their looks.


Facilitator: Expound on this topic. Remind your group that they use their hands everyday and for practically everything. Point out that they scratch, sneeze, shake hands, open doors and grab used objects. Being conscious to have great hand care habits can prevent spreading germs.


7). Name things that you use your hands to grab


8). Are you ever skeptical of shaking someones hand, if so why?


Unit 6 : Maintain Good Health

Feeling good


In summary, one as a young girl must observe such hygiene habits to maintain good health. People are different thus each one needs different hygiene routines. It is, therefore, important that one should know what makes them feel good and apply it. Good hygiene makes you stay healthy and feeling good.



Practical Points:


  • After bathing be sure to clean tub.
  • Make sure no water is left on the floor for safety reasons.
  • After shampooing remove all hair strands from the area.
  • Put away all of your showering products.
  • To avoid a smelly room do not leave dirty clothes in your hamper for long. periods of time.
  • Use the appropriate products to control foul odor for special times of the month.
  • Double check all areas of the bathroom to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind.


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