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  • sad

    Are You Positively or Negatively Influenced (12-17 b)

    [private]Unit:1 {How do I respond} Who's in control ? Are you an influence to other people or do you allow yoursel...

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  • eefa44c78c63ef06bff34ed718494d8c

    Play To Win (10-13 b&g)

    Social Skills  Social Skills school agers - 6 week training course   Facilitator: Play to win is a six week socia...

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  • dremas

    The "E" Letter (ad co-ed)

    Unit: 1 {The Easiest Way to Achieve Success} The Secret Is Out There are many industries in the world claiming to...

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  • bur

    Lead By Example (ad co-ed)

    Lead By Example   Why is it that some individuals seem to be natural born leaders and others allow any ounce of p...

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  • image

    The Pitfalls of Low Self Esteem (12-17 g)

    Unit: 1 {You are not alone} How does self low self esteem affect relationships At some point, everyone has a time ...

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  • preety women

    Women's Esteem (g&w)

      Unit: 1 {Women and Esteem} More than just words There are many words that people use when describing wom...

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  • embrace yourself

    Embracing You (Self Esteem)

    "You're not smart enough", "You're too fat!" I didn't really love you.", "Why did you wear that?" This can be a cold and cr...

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  • courage_to_master

    Courage Under Fire

    "Courage is not the absence of fears, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." ~Ambrose Red...

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  • teamwork pic3

    Team WORKS!

    Unit: 1 {Teamwork} Learning how to work together with others Most people either have at one point, or one day will...

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  • perfect cell phone pic

    Cell Phone etiquette...

    Unit: 1 {Phone Etiquette} Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the largest influences of modern life. From business t...

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