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    Learn from your mistakes (12-17 co-ed)

    Reflecting on negative behavior and redirecting to positive alternative's Conflict Resolution School agers discussion shee...

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    Play To Win (10-13 b&g)

    Social Skills  Social Skills school agers - 6 week training course   Facilitator: Play to win is a six week socia...

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    M&M Theory (12-17 g)

    MAJOR MINOR & MISCELLANEOUS            When it comes to learning to live the best life that you can possi...

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    MARBLE ART (co-ed)


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  • no more smudges

    No More Smudges (12-17 g)

    No More Smudges...  Underneath It All Introduction: People often equate make-up and cosmetics to girls or women weari...

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    Safari Art (12-17 co-ed)

    Safari Art   Safari Art is a fun, calming and therapeutic art exercise. This project challenges youth to expl...

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    Reflective Art (co-ed all ages)

    This remarkable art piece portrays elegance, strength and power. In a few words try to describe the emotions of the ar...

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    Reflective Art (co-ed)

    This art piece appears to depict a sense of peace and solitude. It is said that meditation is best when you allow yoursel...

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  • Anger Management Activity

    Before you begin, ask yourself why you feel upset. Are you truly angry because your partner left the mustard on the count...

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  • Conflict Resolution Worksheet

    Participant Names: ___________________________________________________________________ Meet and talk about your problem. T...

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