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  • mmm

    M&Ms Theory...Major Minor or Miscellaneous

      M&Ms Theory...  When it comes to learning to live the best life that you can possibly live, it is nece...

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  • responsible

    Be Responsible

    Understanding Responsibility Responsibility is character trait that many people wish they had but often fall short of...

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  • angry family

    Dealing with Anger

    Is Anger Controlling You?   This is a question that most people ask themselves at one time or another. The pr...

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  • girls

    How to Avoid Conflict for Girls

    Avoid gossiping at all cost You ever heard of the phrase "don't talk about it be about it"? This phrase means that if...

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  • focus

    Focus On Your Focus

    Focus On Your Focus     How important is it that you stay focused? Is it vital that you always remain foc...

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  • overcoming

    Driven To Overcome

    "I can get though this! Mind over matter-if I don't mind, then it won't matter!." "This sky is the limit! If at first you do...

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  • kind

    Be Kind and Rewind

    Be kind and rewind It's seems as though today's society is full of people who are in a hurry and self-absorbed in their o...

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  • image

    Situation Awareness

    Emergencies can't be completely eliminated from your life, but if you are wise, you can avoid getting involved in many dange...

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  • Applecorn1

    Don't Do It!

    Hello Boys and Girls...   Conflict is something that everyone deals with whether it is their fault or not. You can ...

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  • image

    The Pitfalls of Low Self Esteem

    You are not alone...   At some point, everyone has a time in their life when they simply do not feel like they are ...

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