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Be Responsible (15-19 co-ed)

Unit 1 : {Understanding Responsibility}

Responsibility is a character trait 


Responsibility is a character trait that many people wish they had but often fall short of achieving. Yes, a lot of people are responsible. Most parents take care of their families and many managers wisely use their authority to operate a business and to lead their employees. Still, a lot of irresponsibility can be seen in the lives of many people. Why is responsibility so important? The simple answer is that people must be accountable to the people and/or work that is a part of their lives.


Facilitator: Elaborate a little on how at some point in your life being responsible didn’t come easy for you. Share a story a bout a time in your life when you when irresponsible decisions.


1). How and why do you struggle with being responsible?

2). Do you believe being responsible is a sign of maturity?

3). If someone promised you something would you want them to keep to their word?



Unit 2 : {Responsibility Is All About Accountability}

Being Accountable


Being accountable to people or to some type of work is at the essence of responsibility. When people are entrusted to levels of authority and positions within home and society they must be able to fulfill the expectations that are a part of these spheres of influences.


4). Are you holding yourself accountable to your roles,  in your family, on your job,  as a team member or leader of people?

5). Should the people that you are connected to really trust you?


Facilitator: Give your group pointers on how to establish a pattern of responsible charactoristics by using following points. 

  • Keep your word 
  • Plan ahead
  • Be committed 
  • Follow up on assignments


Parents give their children responsibilities such as having a key to their home, being able to drive the family car or having friends over to the house without disrupting the environment. Children who lose keys, wreck the car or invite friends over who damage furniture are not considered responsible individuals. Ultimately, irresponsible children are accountable to their parent’s expectations. When they fail to meet those demands or requirements they are no longer deemed responsible individuals.


6). Have you lost privileges due to being irresponsible?

7). If so,  what do you think you should do to be deemed responsible and or to regain someone’s trust?


This same type of concept also holds true for people who are given greater authority on the job and for those who hold public office. Employees do not want to work for managers or bosses who treat them unfairly or who misuse company funds. Voters feel the same way about elected officials. They want them to manage their offices wisely and not to take advantage of the public’s trust. Once again, responsibility equates to accountability and without it irresponsibility will naturally emerge.


8). Do you hold others accountable?

9). Do you hold yourself accountable?

10). What are your accountability strategies?



Unit 3 : {Why is Responsibility Needed}

People need people that they can count on


Society needs responsible people to work. Without responsible people within society it would simply collapse. Policemen need to show up every day and be dedicated to their job. If they don’t, crime would become rampart. Teachers need to be responsible to their students. Parents have to be responsible for their homes and the average person must be willing to help neighbors less fortunate than they. The point is responsibility flows on a continuous line. Everyone is ultimately, responsible to someone else.


Facilitator: Expound on the topic above. Share with your group a few things that you a responsible for handling. Talk about things that you hold others accountable for. For example, teachers are responsible for keeping children safe while at school. 


11). Do you agree?

12). Who would be effected if you weren’t responsible?


Facilitator: Explain how your decisions impact the lives of your family members, students or employees? Encourage your group to be responsible.


Characteristics Associated with Responsible Behavior

Responsibility is a learned behavior


Responsible people often display specific characteristics. They include being reliable and trustworthy. People who are responsible are usually punctual and they make it a point to carry out their tasks. Parents who are wise will help their children to develop responsible behavior from their youth. They will give them chores and have them do work around the house. They will also expect them to clean up after themselves and to help out around the home when needed. Families who can teach children these concepts at a young age will be able to better prepare them for life. Developing responsibility in the home will help to carry over to future jobs and it will prepare them to take care of their own families in the future.


13). What responsible character traits are you teaching those around you?


Facilitators: Expound on the topic below.


Being responsible is an important quality to have. People have to know that they can depend or rely on an individual to meet their needs, to keep them safe and to perform their job. People who cannot fulfill this role in life will probably have very few people relying on them for anything at all. Ultimately, it is better to be a responsible person than to be labeled as an irresponsible individual.


THINGS RECOMMENDED: Each participant should be given an accountability card with a single  word written on it. They will be responsible for holding themselves accountability in that area. Please add to the list 

  • Family
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Time management
  • Team
  • Exercising


Practical points

  • Set daily goals with an accountability partner and accomplish them.
  • Don’t find excuses as to why you didn’t accomplish your daily goal.
  • Tell others when you accomplish your daily goal.
  • Encourage others to be responsible.



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